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Guest Reviews
"great trip to jerusalem and excellancy in finding the perfect hotel"
Overall, my trip with my family was simply perfect to jerusalem. we enjoyed the trip a lot and also our staying in mount scoups hotel was also so nice. Service was great ,employees were very friendly, very very nice balconeys that you can see through the magic and the history of the old city.
"Loved the Mount Scopus"
I stayed at the Mt. Scopus for 2 whole weeks in the summer of 2005. This hotel was very classy and clean! Cleanliness was the first thing I looked at. It looks like around the time I went they had finished the hotel's renovations. Everything was new from carpets to drapes. The service was amazing! The hospitality felt like I was visiting someone's home rather than a public hotel. The views from the rooms are overlooking the old city. The palm trees and the warm weather truely makes it feel like paradise when staying at this hotel. If you are looking for a comfortable and clean stay while visiting the holy city, The Mount Scopus hotel is the one. I recommend it!
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Dining Room

The luxurious dining room opens out onto the terrace garden and offers a splendid view of the city.   Added to this is the excellent cuisine catering to every taste. You will like the splendor of the place and the hospitality service of the waiters, and especially the quality and the freshness of the foods offered.

A large buffet breakfast is offered to every guest. It is also possible to  have lunch or dinner/or both, on request.


 The dining hall can accommodate 300 guests at any one time, and it is most suitable for dinners, cocktail parties, wedding receptions, conferences, meetings, etc.

Special arrangements should be made with the management of the hotel, one or two weeks before the occasion.